best Msbte telegram group to join

Join best telegram group for msbte polytechnic for getting all stuff free now!
 Are you looking for a telegram group for studying msbte exams?

Are you looking for a group that can provide Lab manuals, microprojects, Paper?

If, yes then good news for you today. I am going to introduce you to a telegram group for Msbte, so let's get started.
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SR Name Information
Name of Exam Authority
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
2 Name of Exam Polytechnic Diploma
3 Name of telegram group Sodtwarebulls
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The breakdown of what we'll cover:

Why telegram for study?

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging app with more than 500 Million + daily active users. So, there are many channels, chats, groups, information, and much more. 

So few channels help candidates or students by giving materials and helping with their douts. So some friends and I decided to create a dedicated channel and discussion group for msbte students, and boom! Everyone liked it. 
        And we name it softwarebulls as our website name itself.
So, let me introduce you to my channel. 


So,softwarebulls is one of the fittest channels on telegram for msbte students for all schemes and students.
so this group provides materials as follows:
  • Lab manuals
  • Microprojects
  • Solved lab-Manuals
  • Reference books
  • Pdf of books
  • Papers 

Security for Msbte telegram groups

  • Highly secured bots for spammers 
  • Highly programmed bots to stop someone from sending some pornographic content.

  • Bots are being trained to welcome students give them materials as per the request subject request.

Benefits of joining msbte telegram groups

  • Free stuff everyone wants free notes, books, pdf. You will get all semester books pdf. In fact, and many students help each other.

  • Solved-lab manuals. Yes, you heard right solved lab manuals for helping you for a whole year of study.

  • Question/modal papers "Practice make man perfect" For scoring, Question papers play an important role, and you will get it free!.

  • Also, this channel shares stock of the previous year's modal question, answer Papers.

  • News. Yes, we also give new information for students so they can be updated daily and have all day to day knowledge about msbte college, university, etc.

Rules for students 

  1. Respect other, especially girls, do not argue on some topic which can cause some quarrel or misbehave.
  2. Don't Dm anyone with their permission. Don't force anyone.
  3. Don't send spam links, stickers, photos, etc.
  4. Talk about only related studies. 
  5. Don't send any pornographic content in groups. Since you don't have to worry because we have heavily doped bots security, they identify such people and throw them out from the group.
  6. Be good with others.

These are some rules that you should follow to join our groups.
So I had explained to you about these groups. Join now for free stuff.
Meet you in group peace out.


  • softwarebulls is an educational created for helping students with free materials and academic problems.
  • Candidates must follow the above rules.
  • They are highly powerful bots for security and also for helping you, that's important.